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Innovation at its best! Be on the cutting edge of new inventions while in Washington. Not only is Washington home to the popular outdoor clothing brand Eddie Bauer, but the first fiberglass snow skis were invented by K2 in the state as well. Other firsts include the world's first espresso cart, Cinnabon and the portable heart defibrillator.

Excellent Museums! Located adjacent to the Tacoma Dome, the America's Car Museum opened in 2012 and displays more than 300 collector vehicles on 165,000 square feet of exhibit space. Head to the Future of Flight Aviation Museum in Mukilteo to browse a facility that has more than 26000 square feet of space, an interactive flight simulator and a tour of the Boeing facility where planes like the 747 and 777 are built.

Best state for making a living! Forbes Magazine named Washington the best state to make a living in because of its low cost of living, limited unemployment, friendly taxes and a pro-business environment. Washington is a leader in important industries like transportation, biotechnology and publishing with companies like Safeco, and Rhapsody having headquarters in the state.

Diverse weather! Residents of Washington get to enjoy all types of weather. The area closest to Seattle experiences an oceanic climate with an average of just 71 days of sun a year, but the summers are particularly nice, with many clear days and temperatures in the 80s. Head to the Cascade Mountains to enjoy snowy winters that lend themselves to excellent skiing and warm summers that allow for a slew of outdoor activities like kayaking and hiking.

Great professional sports! Washington is home to the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. If baseball is your sport of choice, the up-and-coming Seattle Mariners are a team to watch.

Never-ending natural beauty! Considered one of the most scenic places in the world, Washington is home to an abundance of outdoor activities. Tucked along the Pacific Coast, there are more than 3,000 miles of coastline in the state. Head to the White Salmon River for Class IV rapids or challenge yourself to climb to the 14,410-foot summit of Mount Rainier.

Home values going up! Because it is always better to buy in an up-and-coming area where property values are on the rise, look for MLS listings in Washington. In a year, the median home value in Washington has increased 7% to $262,700. The greatest increases in home values are found in cities like Renton and Bellevue.

Affordable rent! The median rent price in the United States is $1,471; however, in Washington, it is just $1,450. Rental property can be found in areas like Federal Way and Kent.

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