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Price: $349,900
Bed: 4 Bath: 3.00

Price: $349,900
Bed: 4 Bath: 4.00

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Beautiful national parks! When you go to Utah, make sure you take a hike through Zion National Park, which is filled with cliffs, waterfalls and great trails. If you never make it to the Grand Canyon, note that Canyonlands National Park is a fine alternative that you'll find in southern Utah.

Plentiful skiing opportunities! Utah has lots of great spots for skiing and snowboarding. One of the best is Snowbird Ski Resort, which gets more than 500 inches of snow per year. Park City's Deer Valley Resort is another favorite among those who love to ski in fresh powder.

Lakes galore! You've probably heard of the Great Salt Lake, which is perfect for sailing and general sightseeing. If you plan on swimming in the water, head to Antelope Island for some sandy beaches and campgrounds that will help you enjoy your visit. Utah also features Sevier Lake in Mallard County and Utah Lake in Utah Valley.

Low property taxes! Utah homes for sale all come with the nice surprise of low taxes. In particular, the taxes here are about $7 for every $1,000 of home value. This compares favorably to the national average of about $12. Check out home listings in large metro areas like Salt Lake City and Provo, where the taxes are still under $8 per $1,000 of home value.

Historic areas! If you want to get a glimpse of historic Utah, visit Park City's Main Street for its restored buildings that now serve as shops and eateries. You can also take a tour through Spring City, where every structure is on the National Historic Register.

Outdoor activities! Riding horses is a popular pastime here, especially when you have amazing scenery like Monument Valley. You can also golf as much as you'd like at popular courses like Salt Lake City's Bonneville Golf Course and Tuhaye Golf Club in Park City.

Inexpensive rent! If you are planning on renting, you'll enjoy the reasonable rates here. The average is about $840, lower than the nation's average of about $890 per month. Larger cities like Salt Lake City have even better prices, with rents around $770 per month on average. Ogden is another area that has great rent prices close to $700 per month.

Museums for everyone! If you're ready to learn a few new things in Utah, it's time to check out the local museums. In Blanding, you can see fossils and sculptures at the Dinosaur Museum, while Cedar City's Museum of Natural History has plenty of rocks and additional fossils for you to check out. If art is more your style, Orem's Woodbury Art Museum and Fairview Museum of History and Art have what you're looking for.

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