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Nashville TN Demographics and Housing Data*
Population - White:
Median Age:
Population - Black:
Median Age - Female:
Population - Asian:
Median Age - Male:
Population - Native:
Population - Female:
Population - Hispanic:
Population - Male:
Population - Hawaiian:
Population - Other:
* Data from US Census
Tennessee Quick Statistics
Population: 6,214,890 (Ranked 17th)
Largest Tennessee Cities:
Memphis: 677,280
Nashville (Capital): 619,630
Knoxville: 183,550
Notable Areas:
The largest city in Tennessee, Memphis is the county seat of Shelby County. It rises above the Mississippi River and the Memphis metropolitan area has a population of 1,280,540. The Memphis is the youngest of the four major cities in Tennessee. The Memphis region is known as the “Mid-South”
The capital and second largest city in the state of Tennessee, Nashville is located on the Cumberland River in Davidson County, in the north-central part of the state. Nashville is famous for its health care, music, publishing, banking and transportation industries. The Nashville metropolitan area has a population of 1,521,440.
Knoxville is the county seat of Knox County and is the largest city in East Tennessee. The Knoxville metropolitan area has a population of 655,400.
Tennessee Real Estate Market Snapshot
Housing Units (2007): 2,724,729
Households (2000): 2,232,905
Home Ownership Rate (2000): 69.9%
Average Tennessee Home Sales Price: $265,626
TN Income (2007)
Median Household: $42,389
Median Family: $56,874
University of Tennessee System: comprised of 5 universities. The main campus is in Knoxville.
Other Notable Universities: East Tennessee State University, Middle Tennessee State University, Tennessee State University, University of Memphis
Official Tennessee Site:
Tennessee Home Page
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