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Anderson SC Demographics and Housing Data*
Population - White:
Median Age:
Population - Black:
Median Age - Female:
Population - Asian:
Median Age - Male:
Population - Native:
Population - Female:
Population - Hispanic:
Population - Male:
Population - Hawaiian:
Population - Other:
* Data from US Census

South Carolina Quick Statistics
Population 2007: 4,321,249
Largest South Carolina Cities (US Rank):
Columbia (200) – 119,961 Population
Charleston (229) – 107,845 Population
Greenville – 56,002 Population
Spartanburg – 39,673 Population

Notable Areas:

Myrtle Beach:

Notable areas in South Carolina are the dazzling number of beaches it has to offer. Myrtle Beach spans 60 miles of white sandy beach stretching from Little River to Georgetown. Of the many attractions are sampling seafood, going on historic tours, cruises, and visiting unique shops. Myrtle Beach also has the world’s largest collection of American sculpture at the Brookgreen Gardens. This popular beach has something for everyone: golf courses, tennis courts, live music, and many family attractions. Landmarks include the Coastal Grand Mall (the largest mall in the state), Myrtle Beach State Park (the oldest in the state), and Myrtle Beach Convention Center.


Charleston is a gem of a city with irresistible romantic charm and beauty. This city is a historical landmark boasting of 73 Pre-Revolution buildings and 136 late-18th century structures. One can visit Bulls Island, an exciting day-trip adventure. Visitors collect shells, surf fish, and explore trails. A pleasant ferry trip will return you back to civilization. One can also visit Folly Beach, and enjoy a calm and relaxed environment in the outdoors.

South Carolina Lakes:

The South Carolina Lakes offers perfect conditions for the outdoors person. One can participate in world-class hunting, fishing, camping, kayaking, canoeing, and scuba diving. Blue Ride Mountains has entrancing waterfalls and whitewater rapids. Edisto is among some of South Carolina’s famous water trails and is the longest blackwater river in the country. 

South Carolina Real Estate Market Snapshot

South Carolina Real Estate Market
Housing Units (2005): 1,975,638
Households (2000): 1,533,854
Home Ownership Rate (2000): 72.2%

Columbia Real Estate Market
Average Columbia Home Sales Price
1 Bedrooms - $76K
2 Bedrooms - $95K
3 Bedrooms - $137
4 Bedrooms - $212K
Average Columbia Home Sales Price: $155k
Median Columbia Home Sales Price: $131K
Average Price per Square Feet: $76 per sq/ft

Charleston Real Estate Market
Average Charleston Home Sales Price
1 Bedrooms - $236K
2 Bedrooms - $222K
3 Bedrooms - $282K
4 Bedrooms - $398K
Average Charleston Home Sales Price: $309
Median Charleston Home Sales Price: $225
Average Price per Square Feet: $163 per sq/ft

Greenville Real Estate Market
Average Greenville Home Sales Price
1 Bedrooms - $69K
2 Bedrooms - $102K
3 Bedrooms - $151K
4 Bedrooms - $245K
Average Greenville Home Sales Price: $168K
Median Greenville Home Sales Price: $137
Average Price per Square Feet: $101 per sq/ft

Spartanburg Real Estate Market
Average Spartanburg Home Sales Price
1 Bedrooms - $62K
2 Bedrooms - $82K
3 Bedrooms – 138K
4 Bedrooms - $145K
Average Spartanburg Home Sales Price: $130K
Average Spartanburg Home Median Sales Price: $69K
Average Price per Square Feet: $90 per sq/ft

South Carolina Income (2000)
Median Household: $41,200
Median Family: $50,350

Columbia Income
Median Household: $40,240
Median Family: $53,270
Per Capita Income: $23,280

Charleston Income
Median Household: $ 43,224
Median Family: $ 60,858
Per Capita Income: $ 29,338

Greenville Income
Median Household: $41,860
Median Family: $ 52,232
Per Capita Income: $ 23,926

Spartanburg Income
Median Household: $ 39,694
Median Family: $51,392
Per Capita Income: $21,610

Public Universities: The Citadel, Clemson University, Coastal Carolina University, College of Charleston,  Francis Marion University, Lander University, South Carolina State University,  University of South Carolina System, University of South Carolina Aiken


Private Universities:   

Anderson University, Bob Jones University, Charleston Southern University, Claflin University, Columbia College, Columbia International University, Johnson & Wales University Charleston, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary


Official South Carolina Site:
South Carolina Home Page


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