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Get back to nature! Oregon has some of the most beautiful scenery and natural vistas in the nation. With views of Mount Hood, Crater Lake and the rock formations at Cannon Beach, Oregon is a beautiful place to call home.

Great weather! While the Pacific Northwest has a reputation for lots of rain, certain pockets of Oregon get plenty of sunshine. Those who have property in Bend, Oregon, enjoy an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, as do Brookings homeowners. Bend residents get to enjoy the gorgeous Deschutes National Forest, while the coastal Brookings allows access to Harris Beach, Samuel H. Boardman State Park, and many more awesome beaches. Also, even in the rainier areas of Oregon, average low temps in winter are just 54 degrees.

Own property in one of the hippest states! The cities of Portland and Bend are consistently named among the hippest, coolest and most livable cities in the nation. Check out MLS listings in these areas and consider relocating among your peeps; both cities are loaded with cool bars, restaurants and live music venues. Check out Oven & Shaker in Portland for great cocktails and Chow in Bend for breakfast with Bloody Marys!

Awesome coffee! The Pacific Northwest is known for its excellent coffee, and Oregon does not disappoint. Try Stumptown or Rogue Roasters for some of the best brews in the area.

Microbrews! Speaking of brews, if you're into beer, Oregon is known for its multitude of excellent micro breweries with delicious suds available in just about every neighborhood. They even have an annual Brew Fest every summer featuring the best of the best for you to sample. Consider touring the Deschutes or Widmer Brothers breweries for delicious craft beer goodness.

Books! The Pacific Northwest boasts some of the most literate people in the nation, and if you're into books, you're in luck. Oregon is home to the famous Powell's Book chain as well as The Duck Store, so grab a latte and have fun browsing.

Zero sales tax can offset home ownership costs! Oregon is one of just a few states in the U.S. that does not charge sales tax on purchases. This can save you thousands per year, making home ownership and all those resultant home decor purchases easier to handle. Use some of your extra cash to enjoy the Ashland Oregon Shakespeare Festival or take an epic road trip along the Historic Columbia River Highway.

Great skiing in winter! Despite the mild average temperatures around the state, Oregon is rife with mountain peaks that become snow-capped in winter. If you love to ski, be sure and check out the Mt. Hood Ski Bowl and Spout Springs.

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